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One of the most importantAdvantages of a CRM softwareis the ability to get every aspect of your business running in sync.

By uniting your communication and marketing tools with your sales platform, your team can conduct and track all sales calls from a single tool. But if you also rely on itaccountingSoftware for managing incoming and outgoing payments, integration with your CRM also offers many hidden benefits.

QuickBooksis an accounting software platform geared toward small and medium-sized businesses that provides millions of businesses with an easy way to manage their day-to-day sales and expenses, invoice their customers, accept payments, pay their bills, and generate reports for planning and tax filing .

Almost every major CRM on the market offers aQuickBooks-Integration, but these integrations are far from equal. Some CRMs offer one-click setup, while others require a longer, more complicated installation. Consider thatMany CRM users cite their #1 challengefinding a platform that integrates well with QuickBooks, it's important to choose wisely.

Let's take a look at why you need to let your CRM communicate with your accounting software and some of the best CRMs that integrate with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.

Why QuickBooks is your first CRM (and why you need the original)

Small businesses often use QuickBooks as their first CRM because it stores customer contacts and purchase histories.

If your business is just starting out, being able to access customer contact information through your accounting software might be enough. Butexactly was Table calculations,QuickBooks doesn't actually do anything to help youmakesale- it just helps you manage the billing and bookkeeping after the fact - so it's important to connect your QuickBooks account to software that helps you manage your pipeline.

Remember to integrate QuickBooks with your CRM so every member of your team can get a bird's-eye view of every customer. What phase of the buying process are you in? Do you need to take care of them more? What is your previous buying behavior? What did you discuss with them in your last conversation?

Sure, automating your invoicing, invoicing, and tracking unpaid bills will save you valuable time, but that's where the real magic of uniting your QuickBooks account and CRM platform liesprovides visibility into your entire sales funnel, increasing your chances of closing more leads and growing your business.

And since your accounting software needs to be a reliable source of truth for billing and payment information, syncing your CRM and accounting software keeps your customer data clean and organized for the entire team.

How a CRM integration can help you find buried treasure

You probably won't realize how many leads you have in your pipeline until you import all your data from QuickBooks.

What is your QuickBooks customer list currently like? Is it cluttered with clients you've spent the time and effort creating quotes or estimates for...and never heard from again? If so, ask yourself: how many of these leads did your team follow up to the best of their knowledge and belief?

These cold leads don't belong in QuickBooks. They belong in the hands of your sales team.

Suddenly that boring accounting data is a lot more interesting.

Note: Many CRMs currently use Zapier

Many CRM platforms offer their QuickBooks integrationsZapier, which provides an easy way to connect multiple software platforms and set up automatic actions between them. (i.e. an invoice is automatically sent from QuickBooks once a lead reaches the "Won" stage in your CRM.)

This is especially handy because when you're evaluating CRMs for your sales team, you don't have to be limited to the few platforms that offer native QuickBooks integration.Ultimately, you want to choose the CRM that best suits your business, not the CRM that best suits QuickBooks.

A Zapier integration also does not mean that the integration will be limited in terms of functionality. Some of the CRMs on our list can do just as much with their Zapier QuickBooks integrations as those with purpose-built integrations.

With that in mind, here are nine leading CRMs that offer useful connections to QuickBooks...

CRMs that integrate with QuickBooks:

1. In short

Nussschaleis a slick, powerful CRM and sales automation platform designed to help sales teams get things done quicklyQuickBooks Online-Integrationis a great mix of sophisticated and simple.

If you have a customer list stored in QuickBooks Online, you can use Nutshell's to import it into Nutshell with just a few clicksdirect importer.

(Video) Top 7 CRM Software That Integrates With QuickBooks Desktop

All your QuickBooks Online customers are pushed into your CRM in seconds, so you can start tracking communication history, encouraging repeat business, and integrating your QuickBooks contacts and data into your CRMSales and Revenue Reports.

In March 2020, Nutshell released a native QuickBooks Online integration that customers can use to shipPeople, Businesses and Leadsto QuickBooks from their respective pages, as well as create invoices in QuickBooks directly from the lead page.

Best CRMs that integrate with QuickBooks | nutshell (1)

Best CRMs that integrate with QuickBooks | nutshell (2)Nutshell also offers aZapier-Integration, which allows you to trigger invoices, invoices, or new records through QuickBooks Online once you've activated the connection through Nutshell, and keep customer records synced in both places.

Best for:Sales teams looking for a full-featured CRM that's easy to use and highly customizable, with the benefit of easy integration with QuickBooks Online.


Want to kick the hoops for a bit?

No problem. To see if Nutshell is the right choice for your sales team, start a 14-day free trial today!


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2. Method

Methodis one of the CRMs on our list that works well with any QuickBooks product.

Whether you use QuickBooks Online, Pro, Premier or Enterprise or not, your data is seamlessly integrated into Method. It's a solid choice if you're looking for a CRM where QuickBooks is an absolute part of your sales process because of its deep integration capabilities.

From creating estimates to invoicing, Method makes it easy to perform common QuickBooks tasks within your system. Method also syncs contacts across both platforms to save you a lot of data entry time.

Best CRMs that integrate with QuickBooks | nutshell (4)

For what it offers in terms of QuickBooks features, however, Method lacks some other key aspects of a robust CRM, such as pipeline automation, customizable reporting, and built-in phone capabilities.

Best for:Businesses whose top priority in a CRM is how well it interacts with QuickBooks.

(Video) Welcome to Method:CRM, the #1 Rated CRM for QuickBooks

3. Insightful

Insightfulprides itself on its QuickBooks integration.

Like Nutshell, Insightly's primary focus is QuickBooks Online integration, and they've done it well. Insightly's integration is easy to use, easy to install, and gives you a lot out of the box.

You can view payment history and status for each of your customers on a custom QuickBooks Online tab.

Like other CRMs, Insightly gives you a complete history of every customer you have on your books, allowing your sales team to better understand the customer they're dealing with.

Because it works so well with QuickBooks, you might be surprised that you can't generate invoices or estimates directly from Insightly. Despite all the bells and whistles, you have to leave your CRM to invoice a customer. They also cannot accept direct payments through the CRM. So if these features are a deal-breaker for you, you might need to look for another CRM.

Best for:Businesses that need to be advancedproject managementfeatures in their CRM platform.

4. Zoho

ZohoIntegrating with QuickBooks relies heavily on customization. However, it will take you a while to set it up.

Although Zoho allows you to easily add QuickBooks from the integration dashboard, it's as easy as it gets.

Once you allow access, Zoho will prompt you to manually configure your QuickBooks import and export process:

Best CRMs that integrate with QuickBooks | nutshell (5)

The benefit of all this complexity? Once you've set up QuickBooks in Zoho, you're given back a great level of control.

After the initial manual setup, you'll then have the ability to create timesheets, integration reports, and invoices with just a few clicks and move them straight to QuickBooks, and automatically sync your invoices and expenses back to QuickBooks

Best CRMs that integrate with QuickBooks | nutshell (6)

Best for:
Businesses that need a bespoke, advanced QuickBooks/CRM relationship.

5. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365supports integration with QuickBooks via an easy-to-install app. The integration enables the automated exchange of data on your contacts and accounts and your accounting data and prevents incorrect or double data entry. To speed up the transfer of large amounts of data, you can vary the synchronization frequency for different data types. Conveniently, the integration app is automatically updated as new features are released.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a best-in-class sales management solution and has topped a Gartner list of Best Sales Force Automation Platforms for 11 years. Dynamics brings together customer data management and effective automation to cover complex customer management workflows - from lead generation to billing. Embedded AI helps identify the best opportunities for bigger deals and greater customer lifetime value.

best for: Businesses that need a customizable platform with rich CRM functionality.

Best CRMs that integrate with QuickBooks | nutshell (7)

6. Salesforce

ForeclosureHad once called a special integration with QuickBooksSalesforce for QuickBooks.

The program allowed the sales CRM to connect directly to QuickBooks. But there were problems and the software was scrapped after three years. The integration was really only set up for companies at the lower level of Salesforce, and the program turned out to be incompatible with many of Salesforce's own extensions.

Luckily, Salesforce also plays well with Zapier. So if you're looking for a QuickBooks integration through Salesforce, you can still have it.

(Video) How to Integrate QuickBooks Online with Zoho CRM

Once connected, you can sync your QuickBooks customers with Salesforce accounts and view all their details from the CRM interface.

You can also do many other things with the integration such as: B. Create transactions, create invoices and manage accounts.

A complete sales history will also be available to your team directly from Salesforce, along with automatic data synchronization between both platforms.

Best CRMs that integrate with QuickBooks | nutshell (8)

Best for:Large companies that want to work with the Salesforce Sales Cloud.

7. Copper

Currently the only way to connect QuickBookscopperis through Zapier. You need a premium QuickBooks and Zapier account to connect the two.

Once connected through Zapier, you can log payments as activities. You can also view historical invoices and payment amounts in your records right from the Copper dashboard.

Copper's integration with QuickBooks is fairly limited. There are just a few features available through Zapier to make Copper and QuickBooks talk. But if you just need a light QuickBooks integration and are looking at Copper for its integration with G Suite, don't be entirely put off.

Even the simple integration allows your sales team to see key dates for each customer on their email dashboard:

Best CRMs that integrate with QuickBooks | nutshell (9)

Best for:Companies with sales teams that primarily work with G Suite.

8. Fresh sale

fresh saleis another CRM that puts its QuickBooks integration at the forefront of its sales pitch. And rightly so.

Freshsales allows you to link or link invoices to contacts from the CRM, which can be really handy when you're having trouble tracking payments.

Best CRMs that integrate with QuickBooks | nutshell (10)

The integration makes it possible to keep invoices and customer histories for each customer on the Freshsales interface.

But it's the built-in phone feature that makes this integration unique. If you're having trouble with invoices or payments, it's easier for your finance team to track them—all from Freshsales.

The feature will also be a massive bonus as your sales team closes more deals over the phone. Because of its functionality, Freshsales gives your sales reps the tools to control the entire deal, from prospecting to the final invoice.

But there is bad news.

While it offers a lot, you still can't invoice a customer or make payments directly from Freshsales.

Best for:Sales teams closing many deals on the phone.

9. Green rope

Even the smaller CRMs on our list are participating in the QuickBooks promotion.

Althoughgreen ropeonly has about 3,000 customers worldwide, they offer direct integration of QuickBooks into their software.

(Video) Win more businesses with a QuickBooks CRM | Method:CRM

Some of the features you get with the integration include importing customers as new contacts and transferring your invoices across platforms.

You can also sync your customer data from QuickBooks and then set the system to automatically update all data from that point forward.

Best CRMs that integrate with QuickBooks | nutshell (11)

GreenRope currently uses QuickBooks' proprietary Intuit Web Connector, which can be easily installed on your desktop. However, you need this to sync invoices and contacts in the CRM.

Their reporting functions are relatively easy to use, if a bit clunky:

Best CRMs that integrate with QuickBooks | nutshell (12)

Best for:Companies looking for a no-frills CRM from a single source.

Look for the best CRM, not the best integration

It's important to have a QuickBooks integration with your CRM. Very important.

For this reasonmostCRMs on the market have come along and offered a way to integrate QuickBooks into their system.

But while it mattersintegrate QuickBooks with your CRM, this doesn't have to be your top priority when choosing a CRM.

Remember, choosing the right CRM for your business can significantly improve the performance of your sales team — not to mention your customer service team, your marketing team, and getting all of those teams working together. So ask yourself, are you looking for a CRM that fits QuickBooks or a CRM that fits your business?

Look at the big picture and choose a CRM that will help your entire business, not just part of it.


Ready to see Nutshell in action?

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